Rich Past. Bright Future.
Rich Past.
Bright Future.


The community originally known as Bayou Pierre, was renamed Carmel in late 1889. The Carmelite Monks descended on the area and built a monastery consisting of logs, rocks and mud plaster in 1888. In honor of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel to whom the Carmelite Order was dedicated, the community was renamed, Carmel.


Gloster is an unincorporated community in DeSoto Parish. This small community has three privately-owned homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Grand Cane

The Village of Grand Cane was founded in 1881. It was originally called Grand Cane District and was founded at the site of a large canebrake through which explorers had to cut a road for travel. The village was incorporated in 1899.


The town of Keachi was first incorporated in 1858. Kichai is an Indian word from the Caddo tribe meaning “the place of the panther.” The spelling of the town’s name has changed many times over the years and now is accepted as, Keachi.


The town that holds the record on file as being the oldest, is Logansport. It began in 1810 as Sepulvado, and then was renamed Waterloo. That name was amended to become Logan’s Ferry, Logan Port and when the post office was established, it became known as the name is today, Logansport.


The City of Mansfield was established as the parish seat in 1843 and officially incorporated in 1948. The name was suggested by Mr. Thomas Abington to honor the English Chief Lord Justice Mansfield. Lord Mansfield was favorable toward the colonies and protested the Stamp Act which was originated by the British government to collect revenue through direct taxation of all American colonies.