Rich Past. Bright Future.
Rich Past.
Bright Future.


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Our Chamber

The DeSoto Parish Chamber represents over 200 businesses and individuals interested in improving our area and building strategic relationships for our community. We are a non-profit organization that operates on membership investments and dollars generated from business-related programs. Our greatest desire is to see you and your business succeed. Your membership adds your company to a connected business-to-business community where we all can contribute to one common goal – to see DeSoto Parish thrive. We hope you’ll join us today!

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Our Mission Statement

To promote and advance the civic, commercial, industrial, agricultural and professional interests of the Parish of DeSoto, State of Louisiana, and to promote the general welfare and prosperity for the Parish of DeSoto.

More About The Chamber
  • Works closely with various economic development groups throughout the parish to promote economic development;

  • Provides demographic and economic resource information to those looking to expand or open new businesses;

  • Works with city, parish, state and other officials to create a business-friendly environment;

  • Responds to requests from visitors and those considering a move;

  • Provides public relations volunteers to welcome new businesses with ribbon cuttings and other business celebrations;

  • Maintains a website and directories of local businesses, clubs, organizations, manufacturers, churches, media and VIPs;

  • Maintains current distribution of local maps and telephone directories; and

  • Encourages everyone to choose DeSoto Parish.

Why Join the Chamber?
  • You are a citizen doing business in this parish and sharing in its prosperity. The obligations of business citizenship challenge every person and institution to subscribe actively to the advancement of the community.

  • You prosper as our parish prospers. By helping to build a thriving community, your investment is strengthened and your opportunities are broadened. You have a personal interest in these objectives.

  • The support of all business and professional people is critical to economic improvement and the civic and business development demanded by our modern standards of living.

  • These goals can be reached only by united effort through an organization equipped to study and conduct a sound program of community progress.

A Note from our chamber Director

Welcome to the DeSoto Parish Chamber of Commerce. It is such a pleasure and honor to serve as the Executive Director along with such an outstanding Board of Directors.

In a few words, I would like to tell you the advantages of joining the chamber.

  • The chamber is here to support the business community and help make the parish a great place to work, live, play and do business.
  • You will have opportunities to network and share about your business, while helping to shape the future of our community growth.
  • The chamber should be viewed as your business partner. It is a valuable tool for any small business owner and it should be fully embraced.
  • We have educational meetings and luncheons that are very informative.

The DeSoto Parish Chamber of Commerce enhances the business climate and quality of life in our community. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your business, giving you a voice in helping DeSoto Parish reach goals to become more competitive and provide a prosperous future.

We invite you to join us in our quest to build a stronger and more thriving community. Together we can accomplish great things.

All the best!

Brenda H. Hall